Our Expertise

Rediscover the authenticity of Niagara with a Quebec signature

Born from the shared passion of three epicurean friends for wine and the grape growing and winemaking region of Niagara, the wines of Trois Moineaux express the terroir from which they come.

We source high quality grapes from old vines and only the best vineyard sites in the region. With the use of natural yeasts, the wines of Trois Moineaux remain a true expression of the place and vintage.

The grapes are hand harvested and respect all the artisanal techniques of winemaking. Employing a non-interventionist approach to winemaking ensures that the wines are not overly extracted and that the selection of oak remains neutral and not overpowering. Our focus is the grapes and their ability to make fresh, delicate and thirst quenching wines.

Our single varietal wines are Burgundy inspired and are composed of an exceptional aromatic palate combining fruits, flowers and spices. The wines of Trois Moineaux are wines of character that are gently refined and distinctively charming in their overall profile.